Trening på mølle svettning

Crampfix anbefales for innetrening

High temperatures present a high risk of seizures and dehydration. When you exercise a lot indoors, you need the right supply of minerals (salts). Do you think this only applies to high temperatures outdoors? In fact, you can sweat as much during exercise as you do on a hot summer day. We recommend combination with CRAMPFIX + CRAMPFIX SUPERWARM at…Read more

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Elisabeth Sveum benytter CRAMPFIX på hver trening

I use Crampfix to replace salts and minerals I lose during exercise. My stomach does not tolerate sports drinks with fructose so well, so it goes in blackcurrant juice in the drinking bottle. Juice contains only sugar (glucose), so I have to add salts and minerals. This is not the first time I use Crampfix. All the way back to 2010 I have used Crampfix….Read more

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